Over the past 5 years, Naiad Irrigation has used the living wage rate of Calgary as a benchmark to know what a starting wage should be for their employees. So why did they decide to join the Alberta Living Wage Network if the company was already committed to paying a living wage? “We became certified to help spread the word that there is an organization out there for employers to understand what a living wage is,” said Myles Sidorak, President and CEO of Naiad Irrigation.

Established in 1998, Naiad Irrigation serves the greater Calgary area with installation and servicing of residential and commercial irrigation systems. One of the company’s core values is the growth of their team members and company – something Sidorak believes paying a living wage can foster. “We believe by providing at least a living wage, our employees are happier and stay with us longer, reducing the cost of hiring,” Sidorak noted.

Sidorak’s observation within his own company can be seen globally as well. A study done by the Living Wage Foundation in London showed that from the 800 businesses surveyed, 50% reported that paying a living wage has improved both recruitment and retention. Another study done by Trust for London found that staff turnaround fell by 25%.

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