In the 2004 movie Mean Girls, Gretchen Wieners attempts to make the phrase “that’s so fetch” catch on as a new way to say something is cool or awesome. Dogma Training in Calgary has the slogan “make fetch happen,” and they are definitely awesome for becoming a Certified Living Wage Employer!

“We are striving to create a new way of doing business in our industry and demonstrate that you can make the right decision for the dogs and your people, and still have a thriving successful business,” notes Dogma founder, Megan Stanley, when asked what motivated her to make the commitment to pay a living wage. Stanley is one of the first people in Canada to have earned the highest possible accreditation for dog trainers and continues to remain in the elite few worldwide. Dogma Training offers programs for puppies, adult dogs, and fearful/reactive pups, and it’s the only day school facility in Calgary with a curriculum developed by a CPDT-KSA, and CBCC-KA certified dog trainer. Stanley is dedicated to providing a high caliber of dog training and wants to set up her employees for a prosperous career in the field.

The average salary for a dog trainer in Alberta is $15.74 as reported by Indeed, while Calgary’s living wage is $18.60. Stanley has found that by paying her employees a living wage, team morale and productivity have increased. Her employees have also become more committed to the company’s mission – providing dog owners and dogs the tools they need to make their life together the best it can be. Stanley adds, “It’s enabled us to build a stronger culture as a result and we expect certification will advance this further.” 

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