Delnor Construction has been operating in Western Canada for almost 39 years providing expert commercial construction services. Two high school best friends – Ed Cyrankiewicz and Ron Hinz –  founded the company in 1983 as apprentice carpenters, with a few values at its core – one being that the strength of the company is the team.

Retention is important to Delnor Construction, as it is what creates stability, trust and confidence with their clients. Studies have shown that higher employee retention is a result of paying a living wage, and we are thrilled that by becoming certified Delnor Construction can continue show a commitment to their employees and clients.

 Chris Bodnar, the Senior Manager of Employment, Business and Information Systems, comments, “As a builder we execute projects that contribute to the community – schools, hospitals, affordable housing, and more. We felt becoming a certified Living Wage employer seamlessly aligned with this fact and with our corporate goals of contributing to the community we live in.

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