Nightwind Treatment Centre (NWTC) serves youth ages 12 to 22. They offer trauma informed programs to support youth who are experiencing challenges. Through daily living, recreational activities and individual and group counselling, they believe that each youth can acquire the skills needed to move on and contribute productively in society.

We are thrilled to have NWTC certified as a living wage employer. Michelle J. Thoret, Executive Director of NWTC, says “For Nightwind Treatment Centre, compensating a living wage leads to improved productivity, increased employee loyalty, and decreased costs associated with absent staff, training, and recruitment.” These benefits have been voiced by other living wage employers and Thoret also adds, “This can lead to improved health, improved morale at work, increased support for health, growth and development, reduced barriers for social inclusion, and an overall improvement in the quality of life for the worker and their family.”

As a care provider, “Nightwind Treatment Centre is making a statement about the values of our organization, and our commitment to fair and decent working conditions.”


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