The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre (CTCC) is a hub for connection, learning, innovation, celebration, support and growth. While recognized locally, nationally and internationally as a meeting place, the CTCC works within a competitive industry that is based in providing customer service and ensuring clients feel cared for. To be a leader within the industry, the CTCC believes it is first essential that the team is taken care of, not just in the form of a safe and positive workplace, but also with equitable compensation. What makes the CTCC unique is their steadfast commitment to paying not just full time staff a living wage, but also casual employees a competitive living wage. 

“To be a leader in our industry, it is essential that we first take care of our team members by not only providing a safe and positive workplace but ensuring all employees make a competitive living wage. Along with being a Living Wage Employer we recently were accredited as a Rainbow Registered business which is another step we have taken to ensure our employees feel safe and welcomed when they come to work at the CTCC.” says Kurby Court, CTCC’s President and CEO.

 Each year a full salary and compensation review is conducted against organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors. This ensures that all staff are provided a fair and reasonable living wage. In addition to ensuring workers are compensated fairly for their work, the CTCC also invests in their staff through professional development. This investment not only supports staff, but provides clients with enhanced services and experiences. 

 The Alberta Living Wage Network is thrilled that such a key stakeholder in the Calgary economy has become certified and is now showing their outward commitment to paying a living wage. 

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