Become a Living Wage Employer

It’s good for your company

Paying your employees a living wage allows them and their families to meet their basic needs and contribute to their communities. As an employer, you’ll find yourself with loyal, dedicated workers who’ll stay with your company longer – lowering your recruitment and training costs.

It’s good for the community

Being a living wage employer not only increases your standing in the community, it is a solid economic development strategy. You’re helping to build a strong local economy and supporting sustainable and healthy communities.

Getting started

To be recognized as a certified living wage employer, your organization needs to pay its direct staff and indirect contract staff at least the living wage rate. A living wage reflects what two working adults supporting two children need to earn to cover their basic expenses, after government transfers and deductions. It is calculated using the actual costs of living for your community.

Employers may offset the living wage rate by providing benefits that affect basic needs, such as health care plans. For the purpose of qualifying for a living wage, an employee/contractor is considered as someone who works a minimum of 120 hours/year for your organization. Learn more in our Employer Guide.

“It’s not a hardship. It’s why we have staff that stick around and it’s why our customers keep coming back — because our staff are engaged and happy and want to succeed.”

Kevin Kent, Knifewear Group

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Lower absenteeism

Benefits of being a living wage employer

Lower recruitment and training costs

Benefits of being a living wage employer

Boost worker morale, productivity and loyalty

Benefits of being a living wage employer

Increased spending in the local economy

Benefits to the community


Increased community participation

Benefits to the community


More attractive for employees and families to live

Benefits to the community


Fair compensation

 Benefits of working for a living wage employee


Better quality of life

Benefits of working for a living wage employee


More opportunities for training

Benefits of working for a living wage employee