What is a Living Wage?

Living wages are rooted in the belief that individuals and families should not just survive, but be able to live in dignity, and participate in their community.

Living Wages in your Community

The Alberta Living Wage Network has been collaborating with Alberta municipalities to develop a standard methodology for calculating living wages across the province. Below are the new living wages for 2021.

Living wages vary from community to community across the province. The living wage is based on the cost of living in that community.

Living Wages in Alberta

Calgary: $20.32
Canmore: $32.73
Chestermere: $20.46
Cochrane: $19.48
Drumheller: $20.55
Edmonton: $19.98
Fort McMurray: $23.94
Red Deer: $18.72
Spruce Grove: $20.85
Strathcona County: $19.56

“I believe in paying a livable wage because I think anybody who is willing to work to the best of their abilities should be adequately compensated. I’d like to see more people being adequately compensated and not have to stretch themselves so thin.”

Lynsae Moon, The Nook Café