Support Living Wage Employers

Support Living Wage Employers

“A living wage is not a welfare program. It should be based on what it costs to live a reasonable quality of life. A living wage should allow parents to invest in the future of their children. If people don’t save for retirement, they will cost society more later on. Shouldn’t a living wage be about now and tomorrow?”

Mark Holmgren, End Poverty Edmonton Stewardship Round Table member

We kicked off our certification program for Alberta-based employers in July 2021. We’re just getting started, but here are a few employers that are leading the way.


Momentum is a change-making organization that combines social and economic strategies to reduce poverty. We support people living on a low income to start or expand their business, manage and save their money, and build skills to get a good job.

Home Spritz

Launched in 2019, Home Spritz professionals have provided the highest quality services to homeowners and businesses in Alberta. With superior cleaners, comprehensive training and a commitment to service excellence, Home Spritz back up their claims with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Curve Distribution Services

Distribution isn’t just a business for us, and it’s definitely not just logistics. Distribution is our mission, and we’re here to revolutionize the industry with a data-driven approach to brand partnership and distribution.

Canadian Roots Exchange

Canadian Roots Exchange is a national Indigenous charity that supports Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to become changemakers in their community through leadership development, education, and granting.

Delnor Construction Ltd.

Delnor’s success comes through the diverse markets we serve, as our model is focused on the lifecycle of Albertans. We are involved in commercial construction in a wide range of sectors, including health & welfare, education & research, housing, offices, recreation, support infrastructure, and worship facilities. We meet all of the needs of Albertans from building where they work and play to where they receive care to supporting long term, meaningful employment.



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